Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey everyone!
My name is Jennifer Dolly. I am a freshman at the University of Akron, but I am not your normal freshman. I started college my senior year in highschool. After I graduated, I took a semester off and during that time, I found my husband-to-be and I got pregnant. I decided to put school on hold until we were done having children. So, here I am, 10 years and four children (yes 4!!) later. My son Brandon is 9, my daughter Annalise is 6, my daughter Gabrielle is almost 5, and my daughter Cameron is 2 years old today!!
Being a college student and a mother is extremely difficult but I know it will be more rewarding in the end. I am attending U of A to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and when I graduate, I will get my Masters, specializing in Midwifery. I am excited to meet new friends who are also mothers at U of A. I love the new MAMA group!! I was a wonderful idea!

Until next time,
Jen Dolly


  1. Jen thats awesome your going for midwifery thats exactly what I am doing. What classes are you taking this semester? Hope to see you at the movie night too. I am still taking my pre reqs for now but hope to start nursing classes next year!
    ~Mommy Jessica

  2. oh yeah. and i would love to see some pictures of your family!!

  3. Hey Jess,
    I am taking Public Speaking, Womens Studies, Biochem and Sociology. I won't start taking nursing classes until Fall of 2011 because I scheduled my classes too late and couldn't get into an Anatomy class. That's ok, though because I don't know how I would be doing if I had to take another difficult class (like anatomy) with the four that I'm taking right now!!
    which classes are you taking? Are you going for midwifery too? that would be awesome!!
    I don't know how to put pics of me and my family on the web. We don't have a digital camera and I'm so new to this that I wouldn't have a clue where to begin. I'll see if I can figure it may take me a while though!!
    Jen Dolly

  4. i started out in nursing as well but i have a weak spot when it comes to blood and needles lol so it turned out not to be the best choice. now im switching to a early childhood education major hoping to teach kindergarden some day, (i just love that age).