Saturday, October 10, 2009

American Heart Association Event at U of A!!

The Breast Cancer walk at Lock 3 went very well today! Thanks to everyone who came out to walk with us and thanks to those who made a donation! All together, we were able to raise almost $100!

The AHA walk is this Sat on the campus of U of A. I am going to make a few phone calls to get more info about this walk, exactly where it is at, and when it starts. I will post a blog on Tues to let everyone know the details. If you are interested in walking or donating money, please contact me at

This week should be a calm week at school (much unlike last week!!) The halfway point of the semester is finally past so it is back to learning as usual instead of studying for midterms! The kids and I are finally getting over our cold viruses. My advice to everyone is to wash your hands and your children's hands as often as you can because this cold bug is just awful!!

Until next time...

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  1. wont be bale to make the walk this weekend already got plans but keep me updated on the events your doing and i m sure we ll be able to come for soem of them. Good luck this weekend anyway :-)