Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raising money for breast cancer and/or the American Heart Association.

Raising money for breast cancer and/or the American Heart Association.

October is breast cancer awareness month and Lock 3 will be holding a breast cancer walk this Sat., Oct 10 at 9am. If anyone is interested in walking, I will be attending the event. Registration starts at 9 and the walk begins at 10.
Click here for more information about the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

The American Heart Association (AHA) is also having a walk to raise money for heart disease. This event will take place at Akron U. When I get more details, Iwill let everyone know!

If you are interested in walking or donating money, please contact me at

Thanks to everyone who supports these wonderful charity events!

Until I blog again...
Jen Dolly


  1. Hey Jen I think its a great idea, getting involved in the community together! I will def be keeping an eye out for different events maybe the MAMAs can do together. I really want participate in one of these. (I also added a link and a pic to your blog, i really hope you dont mind) just so others can go find more info about it :)

  2. I d love to do the walk with you guys. Do u know how much it is to register? Glenns gonna be gone all day and i was looking for a good way for me and Victoria to spend a few special hours together and that girl LOVES to go for walks. If its not super super cold me and her would love to go. If one of u guys could get me a little nore info that d be great. Thanks